CT Scan

Computerized Tomography

Technical Features

Machine : M.D.C.T. (Multi-Detector C.T. Scan)
  • Highly advanced 48 slice C.T. Scan
  • 40 % radiation dose reduction than spiral scanners
  • Whole body angiography (except coronary angiography)
  • Advanced Window workstation. (Best in the industry)
  • Whole body perfusion C.T.
  • Dental C.T.

  • Patient Informations

    Preparation : 4 hours fasting, hydration well maintained.
    Time taken in Actual Study : 20-45 minutes
    Cost : 1400 - 4500 depending on the study.


    3D CT Ankle Fracture

    3D CT Facial Bones

    3D CT Hip

    3D CT IVP

    3D CT lung

    3D CT Pelvis

    3D CT Trachea & Bronchus

    Brain Angiography

    CT Scan Internal Ear

    CT Angiography head & neck

    CT Heart

    CT Kidney

    CT Lung

    Kidney Angiography

    Lower Limb Angiography

    Virtual Bronchoscopy