Ultrasonography & Color Doppler

Technical Features

Machine : Samsung Accuvix A30 4-D sonography & color doppler
  • LED Screen with full HD resolution first time in india.
  • 21'5" monitor - largest in industry.
  • Hybrid beamforming engine - for detailed scanning with high energy output.
  • Touch screen with quick Scan, EZ exam - for faster scanning.
  • ADVR - real time DVD recording.
  • DPDI - for greatest color doppler sensitivity industry.
  • DMR plus - Noise reduction filter that produces Sharper 2D images with improved diagnostic performance.
  • Elastography - first time in Gujarat. Quantification index for determining the possibility of malignant nodule in thyroid, breast, liver & cervix.
  • 3D - Volume NT. Break though technology for accurate & quick measurement of nuchal thickness.
  • HDVI ( high definition volume imaging ). Gives outstanding image quality, naturally clear contrast.
  • Excellent tissue differentiation, edge depiction & speckle reduction.
  • Specialized bowel & appendix probe - (apart from soft tissue - MSK probe) first time in Gujarat.

  • Patient Informations


    Preparation :
  • Different areas need different preparations.
  • For the female pelvis, a full-bladder is required.
  • For the upper abdomen, at least six hours fasting is necessary.
  • For small parts (thyroid, scrotum, breast, joints and bone), no preparation is necessary.
  • Time taken in Actual Study : 10-30 minutes
    Cost : 600 - 2000 depending on the study.

    Color Doppler

    Preparation : Not Required
    Time taken in Actual Study : 30-90 minutes
    Cost : 1300 - 2000 depending on the study.


    2D Sonography-Foetal Heart

    2D Sonography-Foetal Spine

    4D Foetal Face

    4D Snography-Early Pregnancy

    4D Sonography -Foetal Face

    4D Sonography-Foetal Foot

    Color Doppler

    Spinal Defect Sonography