Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Technical Features

Machine : 1.5 Tesla M.R.I. Philips Achieva A
  • Only true 16 channel M.R.I. machine in Gujarat with 16 channels body coil.
  • 2K imaging matrix (2048 x 2048) (Rest all the machines in Gujarat have image resolution of 512 x 512)
  • DWIBS ( Diffusion Weighted imaging with background suppression ) equivalent to PET MRI for metastasis screening (1st time in Gujarat )
  • HIFU compatibility ( High Intensity Focused Ultrasound )
  • Non-invasive ablation of fibroid and prostate cancer (many more cancer treatments with HIFU are under FDA approval, like liver metastasis, bone metastasis)
  • Short magnet only 60 cm. long patient tunnel.
  • Short scan time
  • Low gradient noise
  • Best magnet homogeneity in the industry ( Most important in orthopedic imaging and body imaging )
  • Fastest scanner in the industry.
  • Only true 16 channel machine in Gujarat with four 16 channel coils.
  • Advanced spectroscopy.

  • Patient Informations

    Preparation : No, 12-14 hours fasting for MRCP and 4 hours fasting if sedation needed.
    Time taken in Actual Study : 30-60 minutes
    Cost : 3500 - 4500 depending on the study.


    MR Tactography Brain

    Brain Venography

    Kidney Angiography

    Heart MRI

    DWIBS for Cancer Detection

    Knee MRI

    Kidney MRI

    Liver MRI

    Lower Limb Angiography

    Lumbar Spine MRI

    MRI Aorta

    MRI Tactography

    Shoulder MRI

    whole Body MRI

    Whole Spine

    Wrist MRI